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January has flown by and the New Year but a distant memory.
Recruiters need to be ready to tackle 2018 with the right technology and best practices under their belt, in order to attract the top talent.
Here is a snapshot of the top trends that you need to know about as we settle into 2018:

Data Compliance

The topic at the fore front of everyone’s mine – GDPR.
GDPR hits on 25th May 2018 and everybody needs to be ready. What does this mean for resourcing?
To ensure compliance to the new regulations, GDPR will require organisations to take large scale reviews of existing processes. This includes things such as storing candidate details, contacting candidates and accessing candidate accounts.
This data management may also result in the creation of compliance roles which resourcing teams will need to fill with the best talent.
We recommend taking a look at Hire Serve site for helpful articles, guidance and advice on what GDPR means for in-house recruitment.

Flexible Working

Flexible working is the new norm in 2018.
Not only does flexible working make roles more attractive to candidates, but it also levels the playing field. With the majority of organisation now offering this flexibility, you don’t want to lose out on candidates who will go else where due to this benefit.
Not only will it help with attraction but also retention. Flexible working, be it flexi time or working remotely, has been shown to improve employee morale and engagement.
Happy and productive employees tend to perform better which is in turn a benefit for the employer.
For more information on the benefits and barriers of flexible working, take a look at this article from Small

Automation / AI

Chatbots and automated messages are on the rise.
With most e-recruitment platforms beginning to introduce this functionality, the use of automation or artificial intelligence (AI) can assist recruiters in streamlining processes and saving recruiter time.
Using intelligent design and personalised comms, this route helps to keep the candidate better informed and up to date with key milestones whilst you focus on the bigger picture.
It’s worth asking your e -recruitment provider more about this.
For more information on AI and automation in recruitment, take a look at this blog.

Social Recruiting

Social media is no longer the dreaded, unknown force it once was.
Key in attracting potential candidates and improving brand awareness, your marketing team will have no doubt preached about the benefits of this free market.
With this mind, it’s confusing when you see an employer with no social media presence.
With Generation Z entering the work place, a generation obsessed with social media, if you haven’t got a presence now is the time to start.
Not only can you target jobseekers – there is a whole market of passive candidates that you can tap into.
Conversely, candidates can also get a taste of your company culture through your social media accounts, with a recent study finding that ‘67% of jobseekers are using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to gain insights into company culture1
Take a look at this article from Onrec on the importance of social media in recruiting.

Wellbeing and benefits

Another trend which is growing with the Generation Z workers is wellbeing and benefits.
Millennials entering the work place tend to favour wellbeing and development over monetary value.
With wage, bonuses and pension packages still attractive to candidates, you can’t dismiss the value of benefits such as flexible working and opportunities for upskilling.
Let’s not forget than high employee morale equals higher motivation and productivity.
Take a look at how Hays have approached their benefits package here.
These are the top 5 trends to watch out for in 2018 and acing them early will without doubt be the key to attracting stellar candidates.