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The recruitment process can be tough; throw in a nightmare interview and any hope of finding the perfect candidate slowly dwindles. 

Whether your star candidate didn’t turn up on the day, or you have to entertain a candidate who has no idea what job they have applied for, you’ve got to pick yourself up and dust yourself off ready for the next set of interviews.

Step 1 – Take a step back.

Make yourself a coffee and reflect on why the interview went sour. Was it a case of bad candidate preparation, or could you have provided more information? Was the candidate not willing to open up, or could you have altered your question approach? Sometimes a bad interview is just that and it can’t be helped. But a little self-reflection can help shed some light on the situation and prepare you for the next interview.

Step 2 – Provide some feedback

It’s possible that the candidate may have left feeling as dejected as you do. Imagine the scenario – they head to home and write a scathing online post about how bad the interview was. Negative criticism can wreak havoc on your employer brand. Send the candidate a constructive follow up email with pointers on how they could improve their interview technique next time. We know feeding back to all candidates can be time consuming, but making time for this will do wonders for your brand and paint you as a caring employer.

Step 3 – Move on

You’ve provided some feedback and done all you can for the candidate. So, file it away under experiences to learn from and forget about it. The worst thing you can do is let a bad interview experience effect the next interview. The perfect candidate could be waiting to walk through that door. However, if you let the experience effect your mood and ask closed questions because you’ve lose hope, chances are the perfect candidate won’t see your organisation as the right fit for them. There’s no reason for you to both lose out.

 You’re not alone in your interview nightmares. We surveyed 1000 people in the West Midlands, and these are the bad recruiter interview experiences that stood out the most!

‘I once sat in an office all day with 18 interviews set up and not one of them turned up for the interview. It was a three hour drive to get there and a three hour drive home.’

‘I interviewed a lady for the position of cook. When I asked her what type of food she liked to cook, she told me that she couldn’t cook!’

‘A person interviewed to be my assistant manager and said he wanted the job but if something better came along he would take it!’