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We are witnessing a profound shift in the use of technology in recruitment practices thanks to fantastic advances in technology.

Here at WMJobs we are helping our subscribers who use our applicant tracking system TalentlIink, powered by Lumesse, to:


    • Automate recruitment processes from start to finish;
      • including the short listing of candidates and
    • The issuing of contracts in two areas – on conditional and final offer
    • Improving onboarding for new starters and those that have to manage the process

    We have already seen how technology has reinvented how we work and this trend is undoubtedly set to continue.

    A report by Delotte research anticipates this to be in the area of creating team based tools for coaching and online systems to give feedback and measure engagement and on rethinking how we manage performance, careers and support individual training and learning.

    The report outlines how organisations have to source, hire, onboard, pay, train, manage, reward, and lead people every day and argues that technology can make these decisions easier, more data-driven, and more measurable are indispensable.

    Staffing, payroll, training, benefits administration, retirement programs, time-tracking, and programs such as employee relocation and expense management are enormously important – according to the Bersin by Deloitte paper.

    Tools that do these things well can pay for themselves many times over. All of these factors contribute to the huge market for HR technology, which impacts the lives of countless working people around the world – the paper reports.

    Click here to read the report: called: Predictions for 2017: The Digital World of Work is Transforming Management, Human Resources and People Practices

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