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Step 1 - Drafting your advert

You have been given the responsibility to write the advert that markets your organisation and attracts the right candidates – Where do you begin? Using our online job advertising platform with self-service access for recruiters, you have the opportunity to create the perfect advert.  To help you do this, we have provided a quick 2-step guide to get you going!

When you sign into your account and have chosen the product you wish to purchase, you are presented with a template where your drafting takes place.

  • Job Title: Capture the role using creative wording in 100 characters (including wording and spacing), for example ‘Support Worker’ could be enhanced to read ‘Support Worker in the Transitions Team’ making it more attractive to applicants. Another example is ‘Data Entry Clerk’ could be enhanced to read ‘Data Administrator within Marketing’.
  • Job Reference: Although optional, it provides a good way to track adverts you have posted, especially if you have multiple job adverts or as a reference for your internal records.
  • Publication Date & Duration: Change the pre-set dates to match your advert content. Choose the date that you wish the job to go live on the website and the date the advert closes. Also, change the closing time for applications if they need to be closed before the standard time of midnight.  If you do not select the closing time, the system and candidates will assume the deadline is at midnight.
  • Location Description: State the exact location address where the successful candidate will be based.
  • Sector Areas: Please select the sector the recruiter belongs to: Local Councils, Charities/Voluntary, Education, Emergency Service or Health & Social Care/Work.
  • Job Type: Select all the categories that suit the vacancy. This is a multiple choice option and will assist candidates when carrying out their job search.
  • Contract Type: Select the correct contract type.
  • Working Pattern: Select the correct working pattern.
  • Working Hours: Indicate whether the vacancy is a full-time or part-time position.
  • Site: Choose only. Only our subscribers use the internal/redeployment option. If you select the internal/deployment option, your advertisement will not appear on the external wmjobs website.
  • Salary Band: There are times when the salary crosses bandings, so tick the bandings that fully cover the salary advertised as this helps the candidates when searching for vacancies.
  • Salary Description: Indicate the actual salary or salary range that is being offered.
  • Logo: Upload your logo so it appears on your advertisement. Ensure that the logo size measures: 360×180 and the file format is: jpg, gif, png, jpeg format. The file size cannot exceed 244KB.
  • Job Description and Summary: Provide factual, relevant information to attract your target audience, with an opening line/paragraph that best describes the job/department/organisation. The adverts’ content is important to ace, examples are provided on page 2.
  • Job Summary: This will appear on the vacancy listings and is the first thing that the candidate will see. Use this opportunity to prompt or capture your potential candidates into opening up the full advertisement.
  • Applications: How do you want your candidates to apply for the vacancy? Select the correct method based on your recruitment process. Please note the following:

DO NOT SELECT: “By Email” unless you want candidates to upload their CV’s which will be emailed to the email address provided. Only select this option if you want the system to do this and you do not have an alternative application process in place.

 “Stored in ‘Your jobs’ only (no emails)” enables candidates to upload their CVs and storing them for retrieval within the system. You will need to sign into your recruiter account to view these applications. Only select this option if you want the system to do this and you do not have an alternative application process in place.

SELECT: “Via a Company Website” if you want to re-direct candidates to your organisation’s website to complete the application process. Choosing this option will ensure that when candidates click on the ‘apply’ button within the advert in that it takes them to your website to navigate further.

“Offline (only show contact information)” is the popular option chosen by recruiters, as it provides the opportunity for recruiters to engage with candidates directly.  If you want candidates to complete their applications offline and email them to your preferred email address, or if you want candidates to contact you directly to obtain their recruitment packs then this choice is for you.

  • Supporting Documents: Add the following documents that will assist the candidate in applying for the position:
  • Application Form: If you want candidates to download the application form for completion
  • Additional Support Document: When selecting files that you think are beneficial to candidates within your advert, please make sure that you label them correctly, otherwise all documents will be named “Job supporting document”. By labelling your files correctly (e.g. ‘Job Description & Person Specification’), this enables candidates to navigate to the correct documents with ease.
Step 2 - Check, Preview, Check

Check, Preview, Check your spelling / grammar / typos, closing dates and times, links to external websites and supporting documents.

Here is a GOOD ADVERT CONTENT example…

  • The Role – What skills, qualifications or attributes are you looking for in your ideal applicant. Tell the reader in brief your expectation.
  • Key Requirements – Here you are telling the reader in brief what the duties will be and to make it personal you could start by saying ‘Your duties will include’. Resist the temptation to copy all of the job description / person specification and keep it legal.
  • Additional Information – You can refer candidates to your organisation’s website or state if there are things that candidates need to be aware of when applying e.g. shift pattern, subject to CRB, that the advert is subject to early closure if there are too many candidates etc. You could also tell them about the key perks / benefits.
  • How to apply – Be clear how applicants are to apply – submissions before closing dates; contact a key person with questions / enquiries or for an application pack; or that an applicant can apply via your website.